Selling on NVbay


Registration on NVbay is free of charge. NVbay charges a commission of 10% on new and on second-hand products plus VAT (currently 24%) in each Transaction if it is successful.  Extra charges may apply to seller, from Paypal fees.
A successful transaction means that the product has been shipped by the seller- user to the buyer- user and the latter has informed NVbay that the product received is in the same condition as the description.
The user-buyer has 24 hours to inform NVbay about the status of the product so that the administrators can immediately release the seller's money. This service operates 24/7.
If the buyer doesn’t inform NVbay about the status of the purchased product, NVbay administrators assume that the product is consistent with its description and proceed on transferring the money.
If NVbay administrators are notified within 24 hours that the product is not in the status that was posted in the description, they request the buyer to return the product to the seller. When the sender receives it, NVbay refunds the money back into his/her account. NVbay does not have any profit from this transaction.
NVbay advices everyone to rate the users they have transaction with.
NVbay ensures all transactions. Users of the site cannot trade between them bypassing NVbay. If NVbay discovers such actions, users will be deleted immediately. Also, NVbay will claim the commission of 10% for new and used products, as explicitly stated in the Terms of Use.


NVbay receives a commission of 10% for new and second-hand products plus VAT on the sale price of the Product for each Transaction. Extra charges may apply to seller, from Paypal fees. You agree that NVbay has the right to change its Procurement Policy. All payments are made in Euro, unless otherwise specified in the Terms and Conditions. Finally, Buyers are responsible for paying all shipping charges.

If you would like to become one of our partners and sell your products worldwide via NVbay,
download the PDF, view the terms of use - participation, sign the document and send it back to us